Cartoons and Limousines

salt-lake-cityCartoons are what being a kid is all about.  I mean really, what else do you actually look forward to  as a kid more than watching those Saturday morning cartoons.  We all remember acting out the intro to He-Man each time the show came on. Or how about stewing over the commercial break during a suspenseful Skooby Doo episode.  This is what most Utahans grow up watching.

Now as adults we look at the cartoons our kids watch and we start to wonder if the cartoons are too violent.  Did watching the Coyote chase the Roadrunner inspire me to chase other people in hope to capture and kill them? Probably not. However its not like I never fought with my sibling, but somehow managed to get this far in life with out being too violent.


Hell, I barely even remember anything from my childhood let alone how to be violent. These simple cartoons as kids probably don’t influence us for violence, its probably the rated R movies that we watch now as adults that cause all the craziness.


But all things considered, wouldn’t we all like to go back to the carefree  days of sitting around watching cartoons and eating lucky charms for breakfast 7 days a week?


Now as a “big person” there’s all the worries of work, paying the bills, running errands, and feeding the dog.  Where’s the fun in all of that?


Once in a while you just need a “time-out.” Not the kind you put your kids in, but a real time out just for you. A time to turn back the clock to those carefree days. When was the last time you could just put down the cell phone and the car keys and just enjoy a ride through the Alpine loop in Utah or just cruise through the salt flats on your way to Wendover for a night of carefree fun?


Isn’t it time that you consider spoiling yourself more than your kids for once?


What’s holding you back? After all they get to be carefree and spoiled everyday and look how happy they are. Just imagine how much happier they would be if you just “chilled out” once in a while. If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your kids!


If you don’t plan it, you’ll never do it. Have you ever caught yourself saying that before? Well now it’s time just go ahead and plan some “you” time.  Let’s start by booking your limo.  There are lots of limo services in Utah that can offer ideas on what to do across the Wasatch Front.


Some of the more common things to do on a relaxing, spoil-yourself-rotten night might include; going to a Utah Jazz game, going up to Park City to eat and go for a moonlight ski lift ride, or maybe catch a concert at USANA amphitheater. Then its always a nice touch to finish the night by grabbing a room at the Grand America or even the quint and charming Little America.


Or maybe you idea of a getaway is a run for the Utah-Nevada border with a night out at the casinos in Wendover or maybe you just want to enjoy some local dining and nightlife in downtown Salt Lake City.  Whatever you want. Its “you” time.


Get your limousine booked, concert tickets bought, dinner reservations, hotel room, and just spoil yourself rotten.


A night out on the town is guaranteed to make you a lot happier than another car payment or another pair of over-priced designer jeans.


Besides 10 out of 10 marriage counselors will agree that couples that spend money on creating fun experience are happier than couples that spend money on stuff.


So what are you waiting for? Book you fun night out now and get in touch with your childhood playful side!

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