Cartoons as an effective marketing strategy

June 10, 2016

Are you wondering how to begin designing an effective advertising campaign for your garage door services? There are several options available these days. With digital media offering different platforms for ads and ways of getting exposure for your services, you are simply constrained by your budget as to how effectively you can advertise and get the maximum exposure for your services. Have you considered cartoons? Indeed, cartoon strips or caricatures are effective means of getting the message delivered. It definitely captures the attention of people much more than the usual printed ads. When you are operating in an advertising market that bombards the average potential customer with thousands of printed messages everyday, you might want to explore options on how to set our ads apart from others.

Effectiveness of cartoons

There are several aspects of cartoons which make them effective as a means of communication. In a cartoon there is a blend of hand drawn characters, scenarios or sketches as well as dialogues. Such a package is more interesting than a simple, straight forward printed ad. Again, cartoons can be wordless communications as well. You need not have dialogues but brilliant scenarios projected and the solution could be the service you offer. For instance, when you are considering advertising your garage door repair services, you could have a cartoon scenario created such as someone struggling with their garage door or thieves getting away through a broken garage door. Such scenarios could be presented in a fun, colorful way and without the need of elaborate words or sentences. The need for your service is implied through such a cartoon scene naturally.

How to advertise via cartoons

Cartoons usually make use of wit, humor and exaggerations. If you are advertising last minute cruise deals, you could have cartoons of people jumping from the shore to the ship and so forth. Such exaggerated scenarios help imprint such ads in the minds of the potential customers. Through a cartoon messages are conveyed in seconds. What is more, you can leave out details of your service for those who would follow the initial leads. Thus, if you have a cartoon ad put up about your garage repair services and simply provide a website or phone number, you will have people calling up and asking for more details about the service. That will help you capture potential customers and ensure that they have the requisite information to book your service.

In order to make cartoon ads effective, you need to get someone who is good at designing such ads. Nowadays ad agencies usually have experts in different ad platforms to provide you marketing solutions that you are looking for. An effective cartoon message will be unusual, catch the customers off guard and then deliver the message. You need cartoons that are bright, funny and something that will make people think and ponder. With an effective cartoon ad, you will surely have people lined up for your garage door repair services.